888 Tools By SP Tools

For almost 40 years, 888 Tools (by SP Tools) has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing. As a proudly Australian-owned company, they have maintained their position statement of “Manufactured for the Professional”. Research, development and innovation continue to drive the production of better products whilst listening to and satisfying the demands of professional tradesman in the global market.

SP Tools and SP Air is represented by over 40 international agents in 30 countries including a number of company-owned and operated offices. The range covers Air Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Auto Specialty Tools, Garage Equipment, Air Compressors and other associated products.

Ambler Direct is proud to offer 888 Tools to our valued customers.


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Welcome to Ambler Direct, the 100% Australian owned and operated rural and industrial product supplier where you will find only the highest quality tools from the best brands at the most reasonable prices in the market. Our reputation is vital to us and so we strive 7 days a week to provide an exceptional customer experience each time. To date, we are 100% rated in terms of feedback from our past buyers on eBay and that’s after 15 years doing what we do. Whether you are a tradie looking for new 888 tools, a farmer in need of an electric fence energiser, or a gardener in search of whipper snippers, you will find it all on our easy to use site.


At AmblerDirect.com we continually expand our product lines and brands and are dedicated to dispatching orders within 1 working day, regardless of the size. What’s more, free shipping is available on orders over $99 throughout Australia and customers can rest assured that if they wish to return items to us after delivery they have 30 days to do so, during which time they should get in touch and let us know. After that, there’s no fuss or hassle.


Cheap versus Quality Tools

Sometimes there is no choice for a person but to pick up tools that are cheaper. This is fine if it’s for a one-off use, or if you don’t really expect or mind if it ever sees the light of day again. However, for those who are buying tools with a view to using them regularly or as part of their trade then it often pays to spend a little more and here’s why:


1) High-quality goods made by manufacturers and suppliers of repute are built to last and are priced higher than generic alternatives because you will most likely never need to invest in them again if you look after them properly.

2) Cheap tools are more likely to break and require either replacement or parts so that they will be of use again for a time.

3) When it comes to actual physical use, high-end tools just feel a lot better and are more comfortable to use. Grips are stronger, the tool itself is more durable and the job gets done faster as a result. Cheap tools may also lead to pain because the design is not fit for use, which means that your efficiency may be affected.

4) A well-crafted tool will do the job it is supposed to for much longer. Cheap materials will ultimately bend or break and could lead to mistakes being made or even accidents happening, depending on your field of expertise.


Our savings passed on to you

At AmblerDirect.com, we want all those who work with their hands to have access to quality products for less. As such we pass the group wholesale prices we have access to on products such as 888 tools to all our customers.

And, if our dedication to providing a sterling customer experience wasn’t evident enough, we also make the method of payment a little more flexible than most with both Afterpay and ZipPay available and 100% interest-free. When it comes to investing in your work always choose Ambler Direct for high-quality, fast delivery and exceptional customer service. We also source Electric Fence EnergisersGarden Water Pumps as well.

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