Since 1916, ACDelco has been providing automotive parts for consumers in many parts of the world. General Motors (GM) owns this brand, so you know you can trust ACDelco when it comes to quality and experience. GM vehicles are equipped with factory parts that are consolidated under this brand.

ACDelco has a long history in the industry. Some people may recognise it as the United Motors Corporation, United Delco, or United Motors Service. However, it should not be confused with the AC Delco Systems, which is also one of GM’s former brands.

Although ACDelco has been around since 1916, it has been renamed and rebranded several times until 1995. At that time, it received a new logo and a better marketing strategy. Ambler Direct makes it easier for you to shop for ACDelco products, including the Multimedia Inspection Camera. The camera kit is best for checking hard-to-reach areas, thanks to its small 8mm camera head.

Here at Ambler direct, you can also find ACDelco’s mini polisher that only measures 75mm. This cordless tool is excellent for turbo-scrubbing the carpet or any upholstered surface. Use for polishing small paint areas as well.