Bushman Personal Insect Repellents

Since 1990, Bushman Insect Repellent has been protecting outdoor professionals, sporting enthusiasts and overseas travellers from blood-seeking, disease-carrying insects.

Bushman products were developed in 1990 by Tom Bethurem, an industrial chemist with over 35 years experience in developing personal insect repellents. Living in Cairns, Australia's Tropical North - where mosquitoes are prevalent - Tom identified that the market needed products that were more effective, longer lasting, water/sweat/rub resistant, unnoticeable on the skin and has quickly become dry to the touch comfortable to wear and have a pleasant neutral odour.

A versatile, universal and highly effective range of insect repellents. It is suitable for every member of the family and fine for anyone with sensitive skin. With unique time-release properties, it continues to protect against insects when other brands resistance would have faded. Featuring sunscreen makes Bushman Plus the complete solution for everyone. Because of its sweat, water and rub resistant it's great for exercise, warmer climates, holidays and outdoor activities.

Ambler Direct is proud to offer you, our valued customer, our hand-selected range of Bushman Insect Repellant products.