When it comes to feeders and waterers for your poultry, you should not be willing to compromise. Only pick what is best for your flock. Fjord is a trusted name when it comes to chicken supplies. The company has been around for years with the business owners having experience and knowledge in the industry.

Chickens can be difficult to feed, which is why Fjord wants to make everything easier for its customers. Those who are in Australia do not have to worry about finding premium quality drinkers and feeders for their chicken. Whether you are a beginner in poultry farming or you have been in the game for quite a few years, the quality of Fjord products is easily recognisable.

Fjord drinkers are available here in Ambler Direct. Browse our collection of supplies for your chooks so you can better take care of them. If you live in an area that can become extremely warm during the summer season, you need the right size of the drinker for your flock. Get the products you need for your hens so they stay healthy and hydrated.