Marco Pesaro Tools

When it comes to bolt cutters, you should never settle for cheap products that cannot even do the job. Marco Pesaro is a trusted name when looking for durable and efficient tools. The brand has been around for years and is known for producing high-quality products.

Aside from bolt cutters, customers choose Marco Pesaro for other tools, including pry bars, trowels, aluminium straight edges, and plaster hawks.

Ambler Direct offers bolt cutters from Marco Pesaro. All products are designed to be heavy-duty, making them suitable for any cutting task you want to accomplish. Sizes start from 450mm (18 inches) to 900mm (36 inches).

The bolt cutters are used to reinforce rods, bolts, and medium tensile steel effectively. Handles of these super-sized scissors have long-lasting strength, and the steel jaws are of chrome vanadium steel, which you can replace. Constructed to be easy to use and lightweight, the bolt cutters from Marco Pesaro are unbeatable.