Old Timer Pocket Knives

Old Bear knives by Antonini show a classical design with comfort and style in mind. Old Bear comes with different selections of folding knives. They are simple yet ergonomic – truly the right pieces to mark and celebrate the 90th anniversary of Antonini.

The production process involved high levels of manufacturing and work mostly by hand. The Each handle is treated in oil and made from American walnut wood among others. The blade is stainless steel and sharpened in a way that only a qualified craftsman can achieve.

If you read guides on how to choose a knife, most of the qualities you are looking for are the qualities that Old Bear knives possess. The top-selling Old Bear knives are here at Ambler Direct, such as the Antonini 9307/23LU Old Bear Classical Olive Wood Extra Large Knife. Made of stainless steel, Old Bear knives are handy, practical, and economical.

The knives are suitable for everyday use, whether for your home or office. All Old Bear knives have a patented locking mechanism for the blades, which you can activate with just one hand. Check out more items from Antonini Old Bear made from different materials, such as olive wood, walnut, and carbon steel.