Electric Fence Energiser For Commercial & Industrial Premises

Need help choosing the right energiser? Learn how to choose a suitable energiser for your fence here.

What is an Electric Fence Energiser?

Farming is a vocation more than it is a job. It takes a dedicated soul to rise every morning and face into a day that may prove to be unpredictable. Animals will do as they please unless managed correctly and one of the most effective ways to at least try to control them is by using an electric fence, which most farmers depend on to safeguard their livelihood. But a fence is only as good as its supply, and so while the wires may stand unless your electric fence energiser is up to the task, it won’t be long before the animals test it and possibly clear your boundaries.

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When it comes to the products we stock we have tried and tested almost all of them and offer a friendly customer service team who want to help you every step of the way. 100% satisfaction is what we demand of ourselves from every customer interaction because we believe that is the least you deserve.


Useful tips for electric fencing

When it comes to electric fencing there are a few handy tips to keep in mind that may spare you time, money and energy.


1) Earth grounding is key to ensuring that when electricity completes a perimeter loop the charge maintains its strength throughout, otherwise animals may not be dissuaded if they brush against it and only experience a weak shock.

2) Use a voltmeter; otherwise determining how hot a fence actually is will be a guessing game.

3) Invest in a quality energiser that has warranties attached. A cheap model that provides no cover will result in a weak supply and cost you more in the long run. Also, in the event of heavy rainfall, wet vegetation will put a considerable strain on your energiser.

4) Try not to tie wires to tightly to posts. Elasticity is what you are looking for to absorb any strain, so space out your posts.

5) Staples can inadvertently damage your fence when they are driven all the way into the post.

6) Invest in insulators that will stand the test of time.

7) Stick with just one type of metal. Mixing wires in the circuit will weaken the overall shocking power.


A stitch in time saves nine

At AmblerDirect.com, we believe in putting in the time upfront to save time further down the road. This holds true for farming also, particularly where fencing is concerned. You have plenty of jobs to get through in the day without having to worry if the fence is going to withstand your stock.


So, have a browse of the electric fence energiser range we have on offer and if there is anything we can do to help please do let us know. Ambler Direct is here to make your life easier. We also have a wide variety of digging tools & wire twisting tools as well.

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