Garden Water Pumps

A garden is a place of tranquillity for many and offers the possibility to fully immerse oneself in a peaceful activity that brings many aesthetic and therapeutic rewards. While gardens are beautiful to look at and a joy to bring from soil to something that everyone can appreciate, they can be complemented by the addition of a water feature such as a pool full of fish. However, in order to maintain the pool and ensure its inhabitants can thrive, it is advisable to invest in a garden water pump.

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Fortunately for those determined to create and maintain that perfect oasis in their backyard, have pumps from the best names in the business in the store, ready to ship anywhere in Australia. The good news is that while you will be spending some money on the pump, with us you can be confident that you are getting a price that will rival any in the market, and the cost of delivery will amount to zero, regardless of where you are in Australia.


And, if you are in a particular rush to acquire a pump, here at Ambler Direct we will have your order on its way within 24 hours with Express Post also a possibility.


Difference between submersible and external pumps

For those who are new to the garden pumps, there are two main distinctions worth noting. External Pumps are an energy efficient option that regardless of these credentials can still move high volumes of water. They work particularly well for larger ponds, 1,000 gallons or more, and typically last a long time. Any repairs are usually relatively simple and require little routine maintenance.


The pump will stand out in your garden, so if you are very particular about appearance you may need to put a little thought into where best to place it, or how best to camouflage it. Submersible Pumps are to be submerged in water, usually at the deepest part of the garden pond. They are easy to install, run quietly and work best in smaller ponds, where they achieve a more economical performance. They are much more discreet than the external pump but require more routine maintenance.


The type of garden pool you install will likely play a major part in determining which pump is right for your garden. Here at, our highly efficient and knowledgeable customer service team are always on hand to help you in any way we can regarding the products we stock. So, if you’re uncertain which pump is right for you, why not give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help make that decision a lot easier.


A flexible, hassle-free service

Our goal at Ambler Direct is to give each customer an A+ experience. With this in mind, we offer a range of payment methods, including ZipPay and Afterpay, and our 30-day money back guarantee safeguards against the possibility of you not being satisfied with your products.

Our customer service rating over the last 15 years is 100% positive, so we promise that if there is anything we can do to remove hassle or facilitate a smooth transaction when you decide to invest in that garden water pump we will do it.

With, you’re in the safest hands in the business and we’ve got the best of everything you need ready to ship when you need it. We also have a wide variety of SP pressure washersFencing Pilers as well.

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