Heavy Duty Pro SP Tool Chests


Storage is of paramount importance when it comes to your tools. Not only do you need something that will comfortably house them, but it is worth investing in a solution that gives you quick and immediate access to them at a glance. Time is important for tradies in particular when the jobs are stacking up. With competition rife as always the faster you can complete your quality work, the greater peace of mind you will have that your customers are not looking across the street toward your competitors.


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An SP tool chest is just one of many options available to tradies, but as we all know, if you want a product that is going to last and stand the test of time, then it’s always worth spending that little bit extra. Here at AmblerDirect.com, we offer a variety of choice in this regard, because in our 15 years of business we have seen it all and provided it all to tradies of all levels of experience. Your level will, of course, determine whether a tool chest is something that you need right now, for those starting out it may be more important to start building your kit, perhaps tool by tool. For the more experienced tradie, who is possibly running their own business, the tool chest may be an essential part of their workspace that gives an order to the workshop.


What storage device is right for you?

There are a number of choices when it comes to how you will transport and store your tools. Here are the three different options that we believe offer fantastic functionality:


1) Toolbox

The ever-ready, portable option is a must have for all levels of experience. It allows you to bring exactly what is needed to a job and ensure that even in wet weather your tools will be safeguarded from the elements. It is worth keeping in mind that a little sachet of silica gel will do wonders in terms of keeping out the moisture and ensuring that your tools don’t rust!

2) Rolling toolbox
This is a much bigger storage option and ideal for moving power tools and heavier hand tools. If you are looking at these the chances are you are a professional of some description. They are not usually seen in the home, seeing as that’s where all your DIY efforts will be.

3) Tool roller cab

This is a streamlined option for the workshop. It is on wheels, offers a lot of drawers to easily separate tools into their respective groups and there is a side cabinet which allows for additional storage of larger items.


When only the best will do

Tradies offer services that simply must be appreciated. They keep the world turning and so at AmblerDirect.com we want to make sure that regardless of where you work in Australia, you have access to the best tools and products, including the SP tool chest to help you get through the day.


Free delivery applies to all orders over $99 and if you have any questions about any of our products feel free to call us, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We look forward to dealing with you and providing a service that will keep you coming back time and time again. We also have an excellent collection of SP Tools including SP Socket Sets.

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