Cudeman has known how to maintain the tradition of handmade cutlery which was born in Albacete in the 17th Century until today, always using the best raw materials for the forge of the blade and the design of the handle. As a result, we offer a product which has received worldwide recognition.

Cudeman offers more than 38 years of experience at the service of knives lovers especially Spanish knives and pocket knife lovers. Therefore they have highly qualified and skilled workers, experienced in the Spanish knife industry art.

Their headquarters are located in Albacete, Spain, where they make their products in a traditional way, however, they cannot ignore new technologies such as laser cutting, mechanized CNC, galvanized engraved, among others, which we are also used. Their knives and pocket knives are not only sold in Spain but all over the world, they are present in more than forty countries. Thanks to the experience they have acquired throughout their professional history, they have attained their goals to manufacture a line of knives and pocket knives beautifully designed combining new technologies and tradition.