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For almost 40 years SP Tools has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing. As a proudly Australian-owned company, they have maintained their position statement of “Manufactured for the Professional”. Research, development and innovation continue to drive the production of better products whilst listening to and satisfying the demands of professional tradesman in the global market.

SP Tools and SP Air is represented by over 40 international agents in 30 countries including a number of company-owned and operated offices. The range covers Air Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Auto Specialty Tools, Garage Equipment, Air Compressors and other associated products.

Ambler Direct is proud to offer the vast SP Tools range to our valued customers.


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While there are thousands of tradies out there who work tirelessly every day there are almost just as many significant others who proudly watch their loved one gather up their kit and stick on their company shirt before heading out into the world. These are the ones who understand just how hard our tradies really work and if you are one of them we understand the feeling of wishing you could make things a little easier. So, at AmblerDirect.com, we want you to be able to treat the tradie in your life and help them get those high-quality SP tools that would make an immeasurable difference. While our site is dedicated to supplying the best products and brands we also like to make our products accessible to those who just want to show how much they care.


As such, gift vouchers are available starting at $25 and can be bought online from our friendly customer service team. While you might understand just as much as the tradie, or DIY’er in your life, but you also understand that they may have their eye on other items and so the gift voucher is a great way to simultaneously empower and improve their work lives.


Essential Tools for Every Home

When it comes to kitting out the home and putting that gift voucher to good use there are plenty of tools that every house should have. Here are 10 of the best and most versatile:


1) Utility Knife: always useful when it comes to cutting duct tape, string, opening boxes.

2) Safety Glasses: always necessary when you are drilling, power washing, sanding, hammering and for so many more tasks where your eyes are in danger of flying debris or dust.

3) Adjustable wrench: ideal when there are nuts and bolts of varying sizes to turn.

4) Round-nose shovel: because who in their lifetime never has to dig up the garden or root out those persistent weeds?

5) Drill: when it comes to home DIY this is a must-have. Flat-packing is made so much easier by having one and it will spare your hands the strain of trying to remove old screws.

6) Locking pliers: this is a particularly handy device when a wide variety of tools are not on-hand at all times. They can be used as an ordinary wrench, a locking clamp or as pliers.

7) Measuring tape: every so often you will decide to change a room, or invest in new furniture and you will need to know those dimensions.

8) Hammer: what’s left to say? One thing to think about is what you will use it for because if there will be significant shock involved think wood over plastic when choosing a handle.

9) Flashlight: portable, always good to have around the house and they last a long time.

10) Ladder: whether you invest in a step, regular or extension is up to you, but there is no doubt that you will put this to use.


The definitive one-stop shop for Tradies

Here at AmblerDirect.com, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Our past customers have become repeat customers because of the level of service we provide, the speed at which you will have your goods and the hassle-free joy of it all.


Regardless of whether you want a gift voucher or a delivery of SP tools anywhere in Australia, we have all bases covered in terms of rural and industrial supplies. So please do have a browse and shop confident that with AmblerDirect.com, the customer is always king. We also have an excellent collection of SP Socket Sets as well as SP Tool Kits.

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