Work Sharp Sharpeners

There is a reason why even experts with discerning tastes choose Work Sharp Sharpeners. The brand is under the Darex family, together with Drill Doctor. All names are well-known and trusted in the industry. For several years, Darex has been the top name for those looking for tools for sharpening since 1973.

Work Sharp Sharpeners have several products to choose from, including the WSGFS221, which is a guided field sharpener that you can find here at Ambler Direct. We also sell Work Sharp’s WSGSPS guided pocket sharpener and the guided sharpening system.

Work Sharp is a name that you will encounter if you are searching for sharpeners for your tools, especially knives. The critically-acclaimed brand provides high-quality products that are great for newbies and experts alike.

The tools are easy to use with a sharpening cycle that even beginners can follow. The steps are designed in a way that keeps the user from making mistakes. For instance, they help avoid grinding off more than what is necessary.

Check out the Work Sharp Sharpeners that you can find at Ambler Direct below.


Work Sharp